PLC DataReader Lite

Our PLC Data Tools has been available for several years now. The programs PLCDataSuite, PLCDataReader and PLCDataWriter have been continuously developed and extended by new functions. We now offer the DataReader Lite as a slim and cost-effective new variant.

The DataReader Lite offers the same simple operation as the DataReader. Compared to the “normal” DataReader, the range of functions is limited to the most important functions. So you can write CSV files with your S7 in no time at all.

The Highlights of the PLCDataReader Lite

  • Writes values from S7 data blocks to CSV files

  • Ingeniously simple operation

  • Favorable purchase: From 399 EUR (+ VAT)

Easily set location and file name

  • Storage location freely selectable, e.g. network drive

  • Dateiname kann von der SPS vorgegeben werden
  • File name can contain a freely definable timestamp

Saving options of DataReader Lite
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Here we go

Specifying the CSV file location and file name

Data assignment in the twinkling of an eye

  • Free assignment of DB addresses to Excel cells or rows

  • Even data distributed over several DBs can be written easily

  • Different handling of master data and article data is easily possible

PLC DataReader Lite

Assignment of S7 data block addresses to Excel columns or cells

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