Änderung der Unternehmensinfos

The white label function – your logo in our software

What’s white label? In short: You can make our PLC Data Tools look as if you developed it yourself. You can integrate your logo, your company address and your contact data into our software.

And it’s as simple as that:

Example 1

In the first case, Mayer Automation GmbH is considered. It needs PLC Data Tools for one of its systems in order to determine and evaluate quality data for production. This can save costs and time. At the same time the quality remains constant. However, you do not want to present analyses with external company logos to company management or customers, as this does not leave a trustworthy impression. With the white labeling function, Excel logs can be easily personalized and provided with the Mayer Automation GmbH logo.


  • High recognition value

  • Trusting effect on employees, suppliers and customers

  • Unique assignment to the company

You can insert your logo into the Excel logs in just three steps:

  • First you have to activate the template under “Save” tab in our software by ticking the box.

  • Follow the displayed path and open the file.

  • The standard template can now be designed according to your needs.

Ihr Logo im Excel-Protokoll

Example 2

In the second case, Sondermaschinen Müller GmbH is considered. It sells its customers a package consisting of a machine and the appropriate Excel-SPS software from MB Software und Systeme GmbH. The corporate design together with the company logo of Sondermaschinen Müller GmbH not only ensures recognition of the company, but is also its identity. Thus the enterprise draws a large use from the function of the White Labeling. By means of the Corporate Identity the customer is convinced.

In order to act as a manufacturer for your customer, you can adapt the manufacturer information of our software. All manufacturer-specific information is read from three files. You can easily edit or replace these files.

The contact information for the manufacturer of the software is displayed on the info page. You can edit them as you like. However, the formatting of the telephone and URL icons is predefined.


  • Positive characteristics of the company are transferred by the company logo to the software as an additional product offer.

  • A more personal connection is established between the buyer and the company.

  • Differentiation from competitors

Änderung der Unternehmensinfos

The change is very simple and takes place in two steps:

  • Open the “Info.xml” file in the program’s file folder.

  • Here you can edit the information as you like

In addition to the contact information, you can also change the company logo on the info page.

You need three steps for this:

  • First exit the software

  • Open the folder “Info” in the file path of the software.

  • This folder contains a file called “Logo.png”. You can replace it with your company logo. Just put your logo in the same format and give it the name “Logo”.

You can also change the splash screen. This is the graphic you see when you start the software. This can be edited identically to the company logo (“SplashScreen.png”).

So it is very easy to integrate your corporate identity into our PLC Data Tools. All software packages – from the DataReader single user license to the DataSuite company license – offer this possibility.

In addition, you can convince yourself of this with our free demo version:

DataSuite 3