Many S7 programmers ask themselves: How can I automatically save data and function blocks of a PLC? The answer is surprisingly easy for the older series, such as the S7-300 and S7-400: The new Pro version of our PLCDataBackup automatically backs up Siemens data blocks (DBs) and function blocks (FCs) and restores them if necessary.

Which S7 blocks can be saved?

In addition to the PLC data, data blocks (DB), organization blocks (OB), function blocks (FB) and merkers can also be automatically saved. The best thing about it: It is as simple and fast as you are used to from the normal PLCDataBackup software.

Save data and function blocks of a PLC automatically

Why should you save function blocks of a PLC automatically?

It is becoming more and more important to save parameters and settings of a S7 controller. A loss of data – whether due to a defect or human error – can lead to considerable problems. The consequences can be machine downtime, delivery failures, increased scrap or overtime.

The PLCDataBackupPro

  • Reduce downtimes

  • Save important data and settings automatically

  • Making an important contribution to securing production

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Safety first

With PLCDataBackupPro you are well prepared for the worst case scenario. The possible applications are manifold: Whenever data is stored in data blocks of a Siemens PLC, our program can be used. You can have setting values automatically backed up at regular intervals and, if necessary, simply restore them at the push of a button. You do not have to adapt your PLC program once for this. The PLCDataBackupPro is therefore a simple and convenient data insurance.

Only three steps to backup:

  • Establish PLC connection

  • Scan data blocks at the push of a button

  • Set automatic backup

Possibilities and limits of the feasible

For technical reasons, the PLC program, i.e. the function blocks, should only be saved when the machine or system is in its basic state. The PLC program must be able to restart from this state. The situation is different with data blocks: These can be saved at any time. However, here too, the recommendation is to execute a backup only in defined machine states in order to ensure the consistency of the saved ones. Test SPSDataBackupPro now with our trial version.

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Overview of our products

S7 Databackup, DataSuite


Safety first: Siemens S7 data is automatically backed up and, if necessary, restored. Can be used immediately, without changing the S7 program.

DataSuite 3

Read and write Excel files with a Siemens S7 machine control (PLC). Simple, fast setup. Universally applicable.


Scan a certain IP-Adress or a whole network for Siemens S7 PLCs

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