You would like to generate Excel protocols of your machines or plants? With the latest version of our DataSuite it is easier than ever before. Simply configure the desired triggers and place them on the new trigger window. This enables the machine or plant operator to generate quality reports or other documents based on machine data at the push of a button.

Just as easy: Load recipes and settings into the system at the push of a button.

The new function offers the user the possibility to start triggers from the user interface of PLCDataSuite instead of the PLC.

How does that work exactly? In PLCDataSuite a window with buttons is configured. The window enables the operator of the plant to write the trigger in the control DB himself. A PLC program change is therefore not necessary. Only the control data block must be present in the S7.

This makes it possible to generate reports and protocols at the push of a button from the data of a Siemens S7 PLC.

start trigger by button

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