S7 programmers regularly ask themselves “How can I measure the transmission speed between PLC and PC?” Unfortunately it is not possible to give a general answer, because the speed depends on several factors. Among other things, the speed of the PC, the S7 PLC used and the network play an important role. But with the new extension of our free PLCScanner you can measure this very easily.

Measuring instead of guessing

For example, if a machine produces a part every 200 milliseconds, then the transmission of the associated data may take a maximum of 200 milliseconds. Until is of course less. Otherwise there will be overlaps and the resulting loss of data.

With our PLCScanner, you can now easily measure how long it takes to transfer the data to your system or machine.

Testing the transmission speed between PLC and PC is very easy:

  • Measuring the speed of your setup

  • Determine transmission performance of network, PLC and PC

  • Compatible with all S7 controllers


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More than just speed testing: The PLCScanner

The PLCScanner also has other useful functions: With the PLCScanner you can find controllers in your network and display them in a list. You can also display information for individual controllers, such as the firmware version, serial number or the time on the PLC.

Try it out

Download our free PLCScanner and carry out a speed test.


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