PLC trend evaluation with Excel

More and more often there is the need to read or write Excel files with an S7 controller. If you use Siemens products, e.g. WinCC, you can read and write data from CSV files with the help of a self-written VBA script. These files can then be imported into Excel. This is of course very old-fashioned. CSV files were state of the art 20 years ago. Today they are actually only needed for data exchange between different systems, e.g. between a PLC and an ERP system. However, as soon as a human is supposed to use these files, CSV is a bad choice.

Nowadays, customers expect a tidy representation of the values. For this purpose one usually uses the possibilities of a real Excel file (xlsx). Only this way it is possible to create really good looking data documents including logo and formatting. In addition, Excel functions such as charts, formulas or data evaluations can be easily integrated.

Compare for yourself:

CSV file

PLC trend evaluation with Excel

Default XLSX file

The second disadvantage of a self-programmed solution is that the PLC programmer should now also be able to do VBA. Anyone who has ever dealt with this matter will confirm that this is actually a topic in itself. You have to get used to VBA to create good and reliable solutions. Because: With one or two lines of code it is not done with data acquisition. So you should plan enough time for it.

Can this be done faster, better and cheaper?

Yes, we have been dealing with the topic of Excel-SPS coupling for many years. Our software experts have created a range of products based on this many years of experience, which makes life much easier for PLC programmers. We attach great importance to simple operation and reliability. In addition, we continuously improve our products and incorporate feedback from the field. Of course, such a sophisticated product works much more reliably than a VBA solution that you programmed yourself under time pressure. A look at our references shows that our products are already successfully used by many companies.

With our software the PLC programmer can concentrate on his actual task: Programming S7! Our software can be configured and put into operation with little time expenditure. If you have any questions or problems you can call our hotline or send an email to our product support. We are happy to help you. This will save you time and therefore money.

In addition to the time saved, you may also be able to save licensing costs. Our software requires neither WinCC, nor OPC server, nor an installed Excel version. Our software accesses the controller directly via ProfiNet and reads or writes real excel files.

With our DataSuite 3 you can easily and quickly create real Excel files with your S7 controller. Writing Excel files into your S7 is just as easy, and in case you still need the old CSV format: We can do that too.

Advantages of our Excel-PLC coupling

  • High reliability

  • Real Excel files

  • Easy to operate

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