More and more often, automation engineers get confronted by the question: “How can I back up data from several production machines?”

It is simply complex and time-consuming to back up data from many machines. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important in automated production. Not having a constantly updated data set available for each machine can lead to considerable problems. This is especially problematic in networked production. The consequences can be production backlogs or increased scrap. This not only has economic effects, but can also impair customer loyalty.

SPSDataBackup - Datenstände sichern

Only if you back up data regularly can you restore the original state in case problems occur.

A problem with the S7 controller usually occurs without prior notice. And with many machines, keeping an up-to-date data backup for such a case is quite a challenge manually. An automatic backup to save the data status is therefore very helpful.

Main features

  • Automatic and manual backup

  • Easily restore previous data state

  • Scanning of data blocks

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PLCDataBackup – your data insurance:

The PLCDataBackup allows you to save data states of a Siemens PLC on a PC. If necessary, you can write the data backup back to the PLC at the push of a button. The best thing about it: You do not have to adapt your PLC program for this.

You can create the backups either manually or automatically at specific times. Setup is quick and easy. Please note that only data is written to the PLC. The structure of the data blocks is not adapted. Therefore, the data blocks whose data are to be restored must have exactly the same structure as the backup.

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Setting up an automatic backup for multiple machines
This is how you do it:

Since the setup is so quick and easy, you can create as many PLC connections as you need in no time. All you have to do is enter the IP adress of the respectice PLC.

Establishing the PLC connection in the PLCDataBackup

In the next tab, you can conveniently scan the data blocks at the push of a button. Now you can configure the automatic backup. Done! Programming the PLC is not necessary.

Customizing the Automatic Backup configurations

Play it safe and make a backup of your machine controls. With PLCDataBackup you are also protected cost-effectively and quickly for many machines and complex networks, just in case.

In only tree easy steps:

  • Establish PLC connection

  • Scan data blocks at the push of a button

  • Set up automatic backup

We do more than PLC backup

DataSuite 3

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