You would like to write Excel files into your Siemens S7 PLC? In the past a quite complicated project, today quite simple:

With our DataSuite 3 Software (old name PLCDataWriter) you can write any Excel (xlsx) files into a data block (DB) of your S7. You can also distribute the data from the Excel file to different DBs. You can also write the Excel data individually (cells and rows) or completely.

The handling is very easy: You need a PC with Windows. There you install the DataWriter. With the help of a simple user interface you can now configure the program. Now only connect the S7 via Profinet (Ethernet). Done! You do not need Excel, no OPC server, no WinCC.

The writing process is triggered by your S7 program. With so-called triggers you can determine from your PLC program exactly when which data is read from the Excel file and written into the S7 data block. Give it a try: Free trial version

As with all our products, all important S7 controllers are supported.

Further information and free trial download

DataSuite 3