Kundenspezifische DataSuite Erweiterungen Drucken

Connecting an Wolke Thermal Inkjet Printer to our DataSuite

According to our slogan “Software written for you”, our Excel-PLC software is used in many different industries and fulfills various functions. In most cases, the functional range of the Excel-PLC software is sufficient. Sometimes, however, there are very special customer requirements, for example the control of a peripheral device.

In such cases we can implement the special wishes in the form of customer-specific extensions to our standard software. A real example: We developed a DataSuite extension for a German company to print wallpaper samples. This saves our customer money and resources. At the same time, he can comfortably adjust the labels thanks to an optimal user interface.

Weil das Drucken des Labels direkt mit einer SPS ein unnötig komplizierter Vorgang ist, hat die Firma Wezek uns beauftragt eine PC-Software dafür zu entwickeln, welche direkt mit der Steuerung kommuniziert.

The patterned wallpaper machine in operation


  • Fully customized frontend possible

  • Saves your time

  • Based on proven software

Software written for our customers

Basically the software for the printing process is an extension of our PLCDataSuite. PLCDataSuite reads data directly from a Siemens S7 machine control (PLC) and saves them in an Excel file. The DataSuite can also do the opposite: write data from an Excel file into an S7 PLC. One of  our experienced software developers built a customized print function into the PLCDataSuite software. The printing process is controlled by a trigger. Since the DataSuite was developed completely in-house, it was possible to program such an extension quickly and cost-efficiently.

Scheidevorgang an der Tapetenmaschine der Firma Wezek

The printed and cut pattern wallpapers

The company PLCdatatools can develop extensions not only for printers but also for other peripheral devices such as scanners of QR Code and DMC as well as label printers. The possibilities reach very far. From a simple task of the software to a complex project with for example a label editor for design.

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