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Email and SMS messages with your S7 PLC

Überwachung des Maschinenzustand mit SPSDataAlarm

Send SMS and Email notifications with your S7 PLC

Plant and machine service indication or updates on key production indicators (KPI)

Do you want to monitor the machine status, maintain your equipment with foresight or detect faults more quickly? With our DataAlarm software you will immediately receive an e-mail or SMS from your S7 PLC. Whether it’s a critical machine condition or during regular operation, you will be kept up to date and service gets faster done.

With our DataAlarm software, plant and machine status monitoring gets simple

  • Easy and quick setup

  • No data is stored in the cloud

  • No SIM card or mobile phone reception necessary

  • Monitor multiple machines and systems with one software

  • No subscription. You buy the software only once, updates included

  • E-mail or SMS notifications

  • Service and maintenance on demand

  • KPI updates (downtime, availability, etc.)

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Quick and well prepared reaction on shopfloor problems

Receive an immediate message if your machine or plant no longer works properly. This reduces downtime. The fast response to faults increases productivity and improves your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Let your plants and machines run unobserved, yet you are still informed about a changed machine status at any time.

Monitoring of the machine status with SPSDataAlarm

Fast and targeted reaction in case of malfunctions and other reasons for intervention

In the event of an alarm, you can react more effectively thanks to transmitted measured values and statuses. If a machine has a defect or reaches a critical state, the DataAlarm software immediately sends all important data via e-mail or SMS to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Based on the information you now know exactly what is needed to solve the problem – be it a special tool or a spare part. You can even go one step further and send an alarm before an imminent defect. Thus, simple predictive maintenance can be realized with our DataAlarm.

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It works as simple as this

Monitoring of the machine status with SPSDataAlarm

The program itself runs unnoticeably in the background and monitors the machine status. No SIM card or modem hardware is required. Simply connect the S7 machine controller via network, set up the SMS service if necessary and configure the values to be monitored. You are ready to go. Sending SMS messages may incur low costs with an SMS service provider. In the event of an alarm, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail with a stored text and the values you have selected, e.g. current temperature, machine number, etc.

Example applications

The possible applications are versatile: From the passive, permanent checking of the machine status, over quantities or exceeding of guidelines and limits in process monitoring, the DataAlarm is a great help in production. You keep control even faster and receive important information. Improve your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and reduce downtimes.

Until now: If a punching tool breaks after a long period of use, the machine falls into an error state. The machine operator sees this and calls a service technician. If he arrives, troubleshooting begins. Then the spare part has to be removed from stock or a new one has to be ordered.

With the DataAlarm software this is now much faster and better: If the machine falls into an error state, the DataAlarm quickly sends an SMS to the responsible technician. Based on the values transmitted directly from the machine, he immediately knows which part is broken. He can now take specific tools and spare parts for repair. The possibility of sending this information by SMS means that he can also be informed regardless of location. So he can react much faster and repair the machine faster. The running time of the machine is simply increased and downtimes are reduced.

On a press, the hydraulic oil must be changed at irregular intervals. The oil deteriorates its properties over time. This causes the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise. Above a certain temperature, the hydraulic oil must be changed. With the DataAlarm software, an SMS is automatically sent to the responsible employee when the temperature reaches a certain value. In this way, an oil change can be carried out much faster and more efficiently in the press. And the press remains in a constantly good condition.

Production machines and production plants can use the DataAlarm to send regular status messages via e-mail or SMS to various people. So you are always up to date. The possibilities are very diverse. Some examples of reports: quantities, productivity, downtimes, OEE, finished orders, lots and batches, energy consumption, water and operating resources consumption

As an operator of machines and plants, you can easily monitor the machine status of many machines and plants. In the event of a defect or failure, you will receive fast and targeted information on the defect by e-mail or SMS. Especially with extensive plants or many machines you always keep the overview.

Today, large production plants run largely automated. Nevertheless, from time to time feeding parts have to be added manually. This is a problem with unclear or widely ramified plants. How should the worker keep an eye on all this? Simple solution: He receives an SMS and thus knows directly where he has to add which feeding parts.

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Prices and licenses


399single PC
  • one time price, no subscription
  • Alerting via e-mail and SMS
  • Transmit machine status
  • For all Siemens S7 controllers with Ethernet
  • For Windows 10 and Windows Server
  • 30 days Trial


Frequently asked questions

I have questions and need help. Does it cost me anything?2020-07-21T13:49:04+02:00

No, you can reach our support hotline from monday to friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm by phone and e-mail. All questions concerning the software, its functions and operation are answered by our own employees. We will be happy to help you further.

If you need extensive support with project planning and commissioning, you can take advantage of our extended service, which is subject to a charge.

I would like to test the software first. Is there a trial version?2020-07-21T13:47:33+02:00

Yes, you can test our software free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Just fill out this form: DataAlarm demo version

I’m a reseller. Do I get special conditions?2020-07-21T13:45:20+02:00

We do not offer special prices for resellers. Our prices are the same for all customers.

I would like to use the software without internet access, is that possible?2020-12-14T10:17:48+01:00

The licence is provided online and only works if the PC on which the software is installed is also connected to the internet.

Optionally, you can select a USB licence dongle during the ordering process. This allows you to use the software even without an internet connection. Please note, however, that you will then not be able to use an external SMS service provider or an external email server. For complete offline use, you need your own email server that can be accessed from this PC.

I need an official offer. How can I get one?2020-07-21T13:46:19+02:00

If you fill out our price list request, you will receive an order form with price list as PDF by e-mail. If you need an individual offer with your company address, please send us an e-mail with your address and exact company name: " data-enc-email="vasb[at]zo-fhf.qr" data-wpel-link="ignore">

Can I also send alarm messages with my WinCC Pancel?2020-07-21T14:10:48+02:00

Yes, we support all S7 controllers. The communication with the panel is done via the data blocks of the connected PLC.

I would like to send measured values with the alarm messages, is that possible?2020-07-21T14:11:03+02:00

Yes, you can easily integrate measured values from the PLC, e.g. temperatures, into the alarm texts.

User interface of the DataAlarms


Isn’t it unsafe if the DataAlarm has Internet access?2020-07-21T14:05:11+02:00

The DataAlarm uses only outgoing connections and no incoming connections. Therefore a PC with DataAlarm is just as safe or insecure as a normal office PC used to open websites on the Internet. You can go one step further and further restrict the internet access for the alarm PC so that only access to the SMS server is possible. Our support team will be happy to assist you with this.

Is a USB dongle required?2020-07-21T13:58:21+02:00

No, the license is provided online. A dongle is not required.

Do I need a SIM card or a mobile phone contract to send SMS?2020-07-21T14:06:34+02:00

No, you only need Internet access. The SMS are sent via an Internet service provider. This has its own direct connection to the mobile phone network.

I want to send alarm SMS with more than 160 characters, is that possible?2020-07-21T14:06:27+02:00

Yes, but please note that SMS charges are calculated per 160 characters. So an SMS with 300 characters costs as much as 2 SMS.

With which S7 PLCs can I send alarm messages?2020-07-21T14:10:34+02:00

In principle, the DataAlarm supports all S7 controllers with Ethernet or Profinet connection. These are the series S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, ET200 and all software PLCs from Siemens. Compatible controllers, e.g. Vipa, are also supported. In case your PLC has only one Profibus connection, we offer an adapter from Profibus to Profinet.

I have no mobile phone reception, can I still send alarm SMS?2020-07-21T14:05:23+02:00

Yes, the alarm message is sent via the Internet to the mobile phone network. All you need is a local Internet connection.

Can the DataAlarm also run on a virtual machine (VM)?2020-07-21T13:51:13+02:00

Yes, without restrictions.

Can I send an alarm SMS to other networks and other countries?2020-07-21T14:05:35+02:00

Yes, worldwide sending is possible.

I would like to buy the DataAlarm. What costs will I incur?2020-07-21T13:58:16+02:00

Basically only the one-off purchase price. If you want to send SMS, then you have to add charges. Currently, however, the service provider SMS77 only charges 0.075 EUR per SMS (160 characters). There is no basic fee with this provider. Sending emails is always free of charge.

Can I use a single user license on several PCs at the same time?2020-07-21T13:57:43+02:00

No. The single user licenses are intended for one PC. Simultaneous use on several PCs is not possible.

What does the DataAlarm cost?2020-07-21T13:48:24+02:00

We will be happy to send you a detailed price list with all options by e-mail without obligation. Please fill out our inquiry form.

Do I have to pay once more for updates?2020-07-21T15:24:50+02:00

No, if you have purchased a license, then you can download all updates up to the next major version free of charge from our download portal. Example: You have purchased version 1.1. An update with improvements and new functions appears as version 1.2. Now you can download and install the new version free of charge with your access data.

For a new main version, in this example version 2.0, you will receive an upgrade offer at special conditions as an existing customer.

See for yourself: Our trial version

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DataAlarm - PLC Overview


With the trial version you can test our software for 30 days without obligation. No subscription, no obligation to buy. Just test it and convince yourself. If you have any questions about the software or need help, our support team is of course available to you during the test period.


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