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PLC Excel Tools


Reading and writing Excel files with a PLC

The simple and cost-effective way to read and write Excel files with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The easy-to-use program interface allows you to get the results you need quickly. A supplied manual as well as our service hotline will support you even with difficult tasks.

You can implement recipe management with Excel files or save machine settings in CSV files. In adition you can create quality certificates including company logos on the basis of a template file. Our software makes it easy for you: You do not need either an OPC server, WinCC or an Excel license.

PLCDataSuite explained in 3 minutes


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Main Features

  • Read and write real Excel files (xlsx or CSV) with your PLC

  • Unlimited number of variables (tags) included

  • No additional software required

  • Compatible with all Siemens Simatic S7 PLC models

  • Easy to setup and operate

  • Compatible with Windows 7, 10 and Windows Server

  • Supports all major S7 PLC data types

Many applications

  • Recording of quality data in Excel files

  • Production and machine data analysis

  • Configuration of machines and plants

  • Backup and restore machine settings

  • Recipe management with Excel files

  • And much more …

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Create real Excel files with a PLC

The days when you and your customers tormented yourself with CSV files are finally over: Our software reads and writes real Excel files (xlsx).

PLC trend evaluation with Excel

Design Excel templates according to your wishes. Logos, formulas and everything else Excel has to offer. And if you don’t want or need the luxury of real Excel files: Our software supports CSV as well.


Excel chart

Present important data in diagrams and charts. Use the power of Excel and show important information in pie charts, line charts or other charts. All diagrams can be included in Excel templates.

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Your PLC controls everything

Due to our innovative trigger concept, the PLC has all power. The S7 makes the decision which Excel data should be read or written. Furthermore, you  have the  full flexibility when writing the Excel file. You can design the logging cell by cell, line by line or block by block. Configuration remains very simple thanks to our clear program interface.

DataWriter Trigger Settings
Simple setting of triggers.


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Multi-PLC made simple

With the help of our clear configuration center you always keep the overview. The connected PLCs, their connection status and further information are displayed clearly and unambiguously. So you can also manage a large number of S7 PLCs without problems.

Multi PLC configuration center
The configuration center


Our customers range from industrial groups and medium-sized global market leaders to small businesses.

PLC simulator and live data view

Thanks to the integrated simulator, you can also configure our software without a connected PLC. This allows you to prepare and test the configuration in advance before you go to the plant.

The live data view shows you the currently read PLC data blocks live. This view differs only slightly from the simulator. In contrast to the simulator, you cannot write data: Only values are displayed.

The PLC simulator (similar to live data view)
The  S7 PLC simulator (similar to live data view)

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Customer feedback

“I must say that it is a really good product, no crashes, easy to setup, and error free PLC-blocks”

“Im very impressed by your software, its perfect for our clients need.”

David R., Emil Lundgren AB

“Very sophisticated software tool.”

„Nice, small and simple program.“

T. Wolter, Hydro Aluminium

„I have to realize that your solution is the best on the market.“

Axel Schnabel, as Automation

“Easy configuration and handling.”

“It’s fun to work with.”

T. Wolter, Hydro Aluminium

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Read data from a PLC and write it to Excel or CSV files.

Starts from 399 EUR.


Read data from Excel or CSV files and writes them into your PLC.

Starts from 869 EUR.


The PLCDataSuite combines all functions of the DataReader and the DataWriter in one software.

Starts from 1369 EUR.

We do more than PLC – Excel

With our PLCDataBackup you can master the challenges of the industry 4.0 easily and economically completely without programming the PLC.

You can perform a manual or automatic backup of PLC data with our PLCDataBackup. You are well prepared for the worst-case scenario and can restore important data quickly and easily. Never before has it been so easy to keep control of the S7.

How the PLCDataBackup works:

  • Automatic and manual backup

  • Easily restore previous data state

  • Scanning the data blocks

Find out more about PLCDataBackup

PLC Data Backup

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