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Backup and restore Siemens S7 PLC


Automatic backup for your Siemens S7 PLC

Nowadays, important data is frequently stored in the memory of PLC control systems, e.g. in Siemens S7 data blocks. A loss of this data – whether due to a defect or a human error – can lead to considerable problems. Delivery failures, increased rejects or overtime are the consequences.


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PLCDataBackup explained in 2 minutes

With our software you can manually or automatically backup PLC data (data blocks). This means that you are well prepared for the worst-case scenario and can restore important data quickly and easily.

System requirements and compatibility

  • Compatible with all S7 models with ProfiNet:
    e.g. ET200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, WinAC, Siemens Software Controller, VIPA

  • No additional software required. Simply install and get started!

  • Works with Windows 7, 10 and Server

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Do it the safe way

Backup your S7 PLC data automaticly

Backup von SPS Daten

Backup and restore PLC data – fast, easy and comfortable

Main features

  • Automatic and manual backup

  • Easily restore previous data state

  • Scanning the data blocks

Go for Pro and get

  • All functions of the standard version

  • Start backup by PLC trigger

  • PLC program (FB, FC) saved (Only for S7-300/400)

  • PLC configuration (OB) saved (Only for S7-300/400)

  • Merkers supported

Comfortable backup of PLC data

Here you can create several PLC connections with the PLCDataBackup software. In addition, you can establish several connections with the same PLC. This is useful if you want to run an automatic backup on the one hand and on the other hand want to perform a manual data backup of certain data blocks in between. This way you remain flexible.

Backup von SPS Daten

You can easily restore previous settings and data statuses. Simply click on the “Restore” button and select all or certain data.

Service included

If you have any questions, you can of course contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have. In addition, each software comes with a detailed manual (PDF file).

Price list

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Automatic data backup

Automatic backup of PLC data has never been so easy. On just one page, you can set time, frequency and other important settings:

Backup von SPS Daten

By the way: Even if another user is logged in or the program is not open, the backup can be performed automatically. Simply check the function.

S7 backup made simple

  • Precise assistance in the program

  • Delivery including comprehensive operating instructions with technical background, examples and tips

  • Phone and email hotline

Scan data blocks

Scan the data blocks comfortably or add them manually. You can also define the start and stop byte. Adding a comment helps you to keep the overview. For example, you will know at a later time what this file is about and whether it should be backed up.

It’s that easy:

Backup von SPS Daten

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Backup and restore Function Blocks (FB, FC, OB)

With our Pro Version you can save function blocks, organizational blocks and merkers. As easy and fast as you are used to with the normal PLCDataBackup software.

Note: For technical reasons, it is not possible to back up function blocks with S7-1200 and S7-1500 controllers.

In addition, the Pro version also offers you the possibility to perform automatic backups with an optional scan. This can take a few minutes. In this way, newly added or changed data blocks can also be backed up. And if you want to initiate a backup by your PLC program, the Pro version offers you the possibility to do exactly this by triggering the PLC. Test now the PLCDataBackupPro with our trial version

Features PLCDataBackupPro

  • All features from the standard version

  • Start backup by trigger

  • Save PLC program (FB, FC) (S7-300/400 only)

  • Save PLC configuration (OB) (S7-300/400 only)

  • Merkers supported

Initiate backup by PLC trigger

With our Pro Version you can now also trigger the backup from the PLC. In this way, the PLC programmer can ensure, among other things, that a backup is executed depending on the machine or program status. This is very practical to always trigger a backup when the machine is put into maintenance condition or always after the end of a production run.

Customizing the Automatic Backup Configuration

In the configuration of the automatic backup, you can select triggering by trigger.

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Example applications

The possible applications are manifold: Whenever data is stored in data blocks of a Siemens PLC, our program can be used. You can have setting values automatically saved at regular intervals and, if necessary, simply restored at the touch of a button. Best of all, you don’t have to adapt your PLC program.

Backup of important parameters and settings

The press of an automotive supplier produces complex shapes. It has to be parameterized manually on a regular basis. It can happen that incorrect data is entered accidentally. With PLCDataBackup, the previous setting values can be restored.

More effective production and cost savings thanks to DataBackup

In a production plant, a very expensive cutting tool is used on a system. The degree of wear of the knife is stored in the PLC. If, however, the PLC becomes defective over time or the data in the S7 is overwritten due to an error, a major problem would arise. The cutting tool would have to be replaced with the change to a new PLC. The PLCDataBackup software provides a remedy. A programmer can transfer the original program to the new PLC and the PLCDataBackup can then quickly and effectively refill the PLC with the current data. The cutting tool can be used effectively despite the defect.

Price list

Get a price list and further information

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Buy once – updates included

Not up for a subscription? No problem. You only buy our software once, including updates until the next major version. Example: You buy DataBackup version 1.2. An update is released, e.g. version 1.3. Now you can download and use the new version free of charge from our download portal. If a new main version is released, e.g. 2.0, you can continue to use your version 1.3 without restrictions or upgrade to the new version 2.0 at a reduced price.

Version 1.5.4


Bugfix: A copy protection notification is now only displayed once. [...]

Version 1.5.3


More detailed feedback for automated backups Improved feedback for password-protected connections [...]

Version 1.5.0


Additional options for automated backups with scan (Pro Version) [...]

Version 1.4.9


Performance optimisation for parallel backup operations General performance optimisation [...]

Version 1.4.8


Password for put/get communication can be stored Time-controlled and PLC-controlled backup are [...]

Version 1.4.6


Speed of scan for 300/400 controllers increased Revised feedback messages for triggers [...]

Version 1.4.3


Improved connection stability during backup and restore for the S7-318 Small optimizations [...]

Customer feedback

“The PLCDataBackup we use works to our complete satisfaction.”

Karl R., Project manager process automation

Versions in comparison

Sales exclusively to self-employed persons and businesses. No sale to private persons. Prices excl. VAT and shipping.


349single PC
  • one time price, no subscription
  • Automatic and manual backup
  • Easily restore previous data state
  • Scan for data blocks


549single PC
  • one time price, no subscription
  • All functions of the standard version
  • + Start backup by PLC
  • + PLC program (FB, FC) saved*
  • + PLC configuration (OB) saved*
  • + Merkers supported
  • + Advanced command line support
  • Trial

PLCDataBackupPro Company

2260unlimited PCs
  • one time price, no subscription
  • All functions of the Pro version
  • + Unlimited installations

* only for S7-3XX und S7-4XX CPUs


Frequently asked questions

How many controllers can I backup with the software?2020-07-21T15:36:32+02:00

In our software itself there is no limitation. Of course there are limits due to CPU power and network speeds. We cannot give an exact number, as this depends on your local conditions. A clue: We know customers who use our DataBackup software for more than 60 controllers without any problems.

Can I resell my license?2020-07-21T15:24:34+02:00

Yes, that is expressly permitted.

I’m a reseller. Do I get special conditions?2020-07-21T13:45:20+02:00

We do not offer special prices for resellers. Our prices are the same for all customers.

I would like to install the software on a PC without internet connection, is that possible?2020-07-21T14:16:52+02:00

Yes, without any difficulties.

Can I transfer a single-user license, once installed, to another PC?2020-07-21T15:24:16+02:00

Yes, but only nine times. It is NOT a floating license. The transfer to another PC is only intended for the case of a hardware defect.

Can I use a single user license on several PCs at the same time?2020-07-21T13:57:43+02:00

No. The single user licenses are intended for one PC. Simultaneous use on several PCs is not possible.

Which modules can I save?2020-07-21T15:36:24+02:00

For S7-300 and S7-400 applies:

– Data blocks and flags can be backed up with the DataBackup
– The saving of OBs, FCs and FBs is only possible with the DataBackupPro

For S7-1200, 1500 and ET200 applies:

– Non-optimized data blocks and flags can be saved with the DataBackup

Can I backup my hardware configuration?2020-07-21T15:36:12+02:00

We are currently working on this function. The next release will include this function.

How are the backups stored?2020-07-21T14:16:01+02:00

We store all backups in XML formatted files. You can identify the respective backup by the file name.

Do I have to pay once more for updates?2020-07-21T15:24:50+02:00

No, if you have purchased a license, then you can download all updates up to the next major version free of charge from our download portal. Example: You have purchased version 1.1. An update with improvements and new functions appears as version 1.2. Now you can download and install the new version free of charge with your access data.

For a new main version, in this example version 2.0, you will receive an upgrade offer at special conditions as an existing customer.

I have questions and need help. Does it cost me anything?2020-07-21T13:49:04+02:00

No, you can reach our support hotline from monday to friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm by phone and e-mail. All questions concerning the software, its functions and operation are answered by our own employees. We will be happy to help you further.

If you need extensive support with project planning and commissioning, you can take advantage of our extended service, which is subject to a charge.

I need an official offer. How can I get one?2020-07-21T13:46:19+02:00
I have password protected blocks. Can I also secure them?2020-07-21T15:36:08+02:00

The following applies to data blocks (DB): Yes

For all other modules, the following applies: We are currently working on this function. The next release will contain this function.

How can I specifically restore a curtain backup?2020-07-21T14:15:34+02:00

All backups are saved with date in the file name. You can use the date to select the desired backup file and import it back into the controller.

Why should the backup be done via PLC trigger?2020-07-21T15:36:07+02:00

In many cases a backup should only be performed in certain machine states, e.g. when the machine is in home position. This ensures that all backed up data is consistent with each other and that the machine is immediately ready for use in case of a recovery.

In simple environments where there are clearly defined machine downtimes, the backup can also be time-controlled. This can be at night, for example, when production is at a standstill. However, there are more and more machines and plants that do not have longer downtimes. For these machines a PLC-controlled data backup is very important. This is the only way to ensure that the backup is stored consistently.

The number and structure of my building blocks change frequently, does this cause problems?2020-07-21T15:35:25+02:00

No. We have an automatic scan function for this case. This reads the structure and number of blocks from the PLC before a backup and automatically configures the following backup correctly.

Alternatively, you can define yourself which blocks should be backed up and which not, then the scan is switched off.

I own a CP343-1 Lean, can I use the software with it?2020-07-21T15:35:10+02:00

Yes, but please regard that the CP 343-1 Lean can only provide 4 connections. Our backup software needs 2 connections. Alternatively you may also use a Profinet-MPI adapter.

How can backups be initiated?2020-07-21T14:15:13+02:00

You have 4 options:

  • Manually (button in our software)
  • Automatically Scheduled (Windows task scheduling)
  • Via command line
  • Directly from the PLC itself

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