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Read let your Siemens PLCs save data to Excel files


Write Excel files with your Siemens PLC

The former PLCDataReader is now part or our all new DataSuite 3: A simple and cost-effective way to write Excel files with your Siemens PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). These can be e.g. protocols or measurement data.

The program runs in the background, so that the Computer can be used for other things. Via a tray menu entry you can view the status and change the configuration. You can make the most important settings in just a few steps. This includes the PLC connection, the memory options and the assignment of PLC data to the Excel cells or rows. Done! Now you can program the S7 to fit. We support you with an example program for TIA-Portal.


  • Acquisition of production data

  • Acquisition of quality data

  • Logging of processes which are controlled by the S7

  • Supply of quality proofs

  • Saving machine settings

  • and many more applications …


  • Convenient: the single user license

System requirements and compatibility

  • Compatible with all PLC models with ProfiNet:
    e.g. ET200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, WinAC, Siemens Software Controller, VIPA

  • Supports all major data types:

  • No additional software required for operation: You don’t need WinCC, OPC-Server or Excel. Simply install and get started!

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/2008/2012/2016 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

  • Processes real Excel files (xlsx) or CSV files.

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Flexible use

You can realize a multiple applications with the PLCDataReader. All data stored in the data blocks of the PLC can be written to Excel tables or CSV files. The process is completely controlled by the S7 PLC. By means of so-called triggers. These trigger conditions can be set somewhere in the PLC program.

As a result, e.g. such an Excel file could be generated:

PLC trend evaluation with Excel

An Excel file designed by you can be specified as a template in the program configuration.


Our customers range from industrial groups to medium-sized global market leaders to small entrepreneurs. You can find more details here: References Some examples from the food industry

Simple data assignment

You can completely determine the appearance and content of the Excel files yourself. Simply assign data block addresses to Excel columns. Would you like to handle master data, such as machine names, separately? No problem. You can easily define so-called header data by assigning columns and rows. If you have a lot of repetitive data: We make it easy for you! You can define blockwise repeating structures once. These are then written X times.

PLC DataReader

Simple assignment of PLC data blocks / addresses to Excel cells / columns.


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Flexible storage options

Should the file name be specified by the PLC? Or should it contain date and time? Or both at the same time? Everything is possible! See directly in the preview how the result of your settings will look like.

Saving options of DataReader

Flexible storage options allow you to save Excel files in different scenarios.

Save as CSV

You want to save your S7 data in a CSV file. No problem! You can import the CSV files into different database systems. You can also adjust the date format of the individual data types for CSV export.

Pricelist and information

Price list and further information

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Visualization for machine operators

You would like to generate Excel protocols of your machines or plants? Simply configure the desired triggers and place them on the new trigger window. This enables the machine or plant operator to generate quality reports or other documents based on machine data at the touch of a button.

This function offers the user the possibility to start triggers from the user interface of the PLCDataReader instead of from the PLC.

How does that work exactly? In PLCDataReader a window with buttons is configured. The window enables the operator of the plant to write the trigger in the control DB himself. A PLC program change is therefore not necessary. Only the control data block must be present in the S7.

This makes it possible to generate reports and protocols at the push of a button from the data of a Siemens S7 PLC.

start trigger by button

Multi-PLC with overview

With the help of our configuration center you always keep the overview. The connected S7 PLCs, their connection status and further information are displayed clearly and unambiguously. So you can also manage a large number of PLCs without problems.

Multi PLC configuration center

OPC server? No, thank you.

Reading data from several PLCs without an OPC server, is that possible? Yes! You don’t need any further programs, not even an OPC server!

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Example applications

Brewery monitors quality with PLCDataReader

A small brewery controls its brewing process by means of a Siemens S7-1500 PLC. To monitor the quality, measured values and brewing parameters are recorded several times a day in an Excel file. This enables the customer to monitor the brewing process and thus, for example, to view and compare the effects of recipe changes in Excel.

Screw manufacturer realizes 100% control with PLCDataReader

A manufacturer of screws has received a new order for a customer in the automotive industry. This order requires the manufacturer to carry out a 100% inspection of all parts produced, i.e. to check every screw before delivery. The test results must be recorded. As he already has a modern plant for the production of the screws, almost all data is available in the PLC. Now all he needs is our software, which reads the data from the PLC and writes them into an Excel table. The screws have 5 properties each, which are recorded in a column. For each newly produced screw a new row is created in Excel with the 5 measured values. When the batch is completed, a new file is created.

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Price list and further information

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Our products

DataSuite 3

Read and write Excel, CSV, SQL databases, PDF, Email and SMS with your S7 PLC.

Starts from 399 EUR.

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